Plenus Consultants was founded in 1999.

The firm was founded by Doug Taylor, the current Managing Director of Plenus, in partnership with the firm of Welton Parent Inc., an actuarial firm based in Ottawa.  Today, Plenus is entirely owned by two individuals: Doug Taylor and Paul Burnell.

We are the only pension actuarial consulting firm in Atlantic Canada that is operated by its founders and owners.  Because of this, we have a personal stake in ensuring that each and every client is happy with the benefits we provide to their organization. 

Since its inception in 1999, Plenus has experienced steady growth in its client base.  The variety of services we provide has increased consistently as we offer more innovative options and solutions to our clients.  Plenus Consultants provides actuarial and/or administrative services to more than 30 pension plans with total membership exceeding 60,000 and total assets exceeding $1.6 billion.